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Well, it’s been a while since I didn’t write anything on this blog (6 months, hum, hum…) BUT, I did stuff, okay !

Taylor Momsen’s Rock Chicks is finally done ! Her hair was awfully hard to draw because it was so messy, and also because it’s platinum blonde. The thing is that platinum blonde hair must be light but also have visible locks to be more realistic ! So I have to admit that her hair is not the most beautiful thing in this portrait !

Despite her hair, Taylor is a very fun singer to draw because she has this sharp look in her eyes that makes a face that could have looked angelic on this picture (delicate face, blonde, curly hair and blue eyes…)

So, here’s the original picture:

Je trouve que Taylor a une classe sur cette photo qu'elle n'avait pas avant ;)

On this recent picture, Taylor looks classier than she ever did ūüėČ

I chose this picture because it was black and white and Taylor has this really interesting expression but her messy hair made me hesitate…


Since I’m not a professional artist, my supplies are very basic :

Graphite pencils: HB (medium)/B (dark)/4H (light)

-Black and red pencils for the background

-Pencil sharpener

-Regular rubber+ Kneaded eraser, if you have one (but I don’t so you can draw without it)

– A paper sheet (A for me)

-Optional: Varnish depending on the kind of paper you use

– Something to stump: a stump, a handkerchief… or your finger !

There you are, young blossoming artist ! Ready to draw this super rock portrait !


Rock Chicks Taylor Step 1 Model

I started by drawing guiding lines on the picture that I printed to copy them on my sheet, the being A format.¬† I’m just saying that, I don’t know why but my printer zoomed the picture so the drawing will be zoomed, too.So I¬†drew the lines to have¬†important elements such as eyes, nose, mouth, shoulder,etc… in the right place.

Those lines allow you to keep the right proportions for your drawing.


Rock Chicks Taylor Momsen Ensemble Etape 2

In my opinion, it’s the most difficult step of a portrait. Why ? Because, at this very moment the drawing has to (kinda) look like the original picture, but also look like it has no soul ! But, seriously, I could’ve traced this but I thought¬†it was cheating (and I’m also not 6 anymore…) That said, nothing prevents you to do so if I can’t draw it or if you’ve just started portraits, contours can be rearranged and it’s not the most important, anyway (even if it’s a good basis to start the portrait).

So, no particular technique to draw contours, practice makes perfect. But don’t worry: if you practice on a regular basis, you’ll make it ! ūüėČ


Rock Chicks Taylor Momsen Etape 3 Yeux

On this picture, we only see Taylor’s left eye, the right on is hidden by her (huge) hair, will be represented by shadows to suggest it through it.

For the right eye I used my three pencils:

-4H for contours, first grey layer on her eyelid, iris and shadows on her eyeball.

-HB for shadows around the eye (skin), first grey layer on her pupil, eyelashes, eyebrows, and also to give more depth to the shadows of the eyeball and to the eyelid, as well as the second layer on the iris.

-B to darken the pupil, the external contour of the iris, a little bit on the eyebrows as well as eyelashes and eyeshadow.


Rock Chicks Taylor Momsen Etape 4 Bouche

For her mouth, have to admit that teeth are still difficult to draw for me, so I decided to ignore them and to fill in the mouth with with my B pencil (not literally !)

Then, her lipstick is kinda light so I only used 4H and HB, respectively for the fist layer and then the second layer as well as shadows. I use 4H to draw the curvy “lines” we have on our lips to give them more volume and realism.

Also, I drew her mole with the B pencil, you must not forget d√©tails because they are the ones that allow you to catch the likeness the most possible ! ūüėČ

About the skin around her mouth, at this moment you just have to draw her chin drawing a little curve under her lower lip, shading it with your HB pencil.


Rock Chicks Taylor Momsen Teint partie 1

For this first layer, we’re gonna color her skin lightly with 4H pencil to have a basis to draw the shadows later. We can already start to lightly draw the lighter and darker places of the skin, so we’ll have marks for the rest. I also started to color¬†her¬†black¬†jacket with B, but we’ll need more layers of grey for it to be dark enough. I also¬†rounded her face a little bit because I thought¬†it looked¬†to angular.

By the way, don’t forget her neck ! =)


Rock Chicks Taylor Momsen Etape 5 Cheveux partie 1

As a said at the beginning of the tutorial, Taylor’s hair is HARDCORE to draw for two reasons:

1/ It’s platinum blonde

2/ It’s messy as hell !

First, I think platinum blonde is the hardest hair color to copy in drawings. Indeed, this color is light kind of yellow that, ironically must not be to yellow…The thing is that I didn’t find a solution to this problem for the moment…

Then, when you have to draw platinum hair in black and white, you have to use a very light shade of grey but to also have¬† a strong relief to make the hair more realistic. For that purpose, you must draw “guiding” locks to draw the movement of the hair with your HB pencil on a¬†basis lightly colored with your 4H pencil. After¬†that, you must “draw” locks¬†with your rubber to enlighten the hair.

Personally, I’ve been loosely inspired by the hair of the picture because copying it excatly would’ve been way too hard for me.

Also, you can already darken her roots with your HB pencil, but we’ll make them even darker in the second part.


Taylor Momsen Rock Chicks

Yes, I could’ve divided this in two, even three parts but I forgot to scan the drawing…=X

FOR HER SKIN: Taylor’s skin is light so no need to color it entierely a second time ! Bu we have to darken the shadows and erase the lightest parts of her face and then stump that, to make it more realistic. HB will be enough for shdows.

By the way, don’t forget her neck (again !)

FOR HER HAIR:¬†Taylor’s hair is as light as her skin, so, same, we’ll draw locks with our HB pencil, then erase it, stump it, draw it, erase it, stump it, draw it, etc… Until you get to the right result !

FOR THE BACKGROUND: You just have to hatch the background with the color you want (black and red for me).

At last, you just have to sign, date and (if you want) give a title to your work of art !




I’m kind of satisfied with the result, even I wanted the hair to look better ! It isn’t my most lifelike portrait yet but I thought it was interesting to add my own unique touch of human craft because it makes the portrait one of a kind and it reflects my point of view on the picture !



Go ahead and laugh ! xD I told you she looked like a drag queen in this drawing ! =P

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I already have the next Rock Chick in mind !

If you have any idea of a female rocker that I could draw for Rock Chicks or any advice/opinion you can tell me in the comments !

Skillet & Stardust ! =P

Pixie McQueen xx

PS: This tutorial is inspired by another one from the French site Graphit’Art (sorry it doesn’t exists in English :() and thanks to it I progressed a lot ! So you should definetly check it out ! (No sponsoring ;P)





New painting ‘Fire Within’ & Taylor Momsen’s ‘Rock Chicks’

Hey Internet, Pixie Stardust McQueen, the boldest fairy of the web, here !

I actually painted this painting last weekend but, unfortunatly, I couldn’t upload it because of a lack of time. ūüė¶ But I wanted to post it sooner or later (well, this time it’s gonna be later =X) because I’m so proud of it: it’s a birthday gift I I’ve made especially for a person that’s really important for me ‚̧

Fire Within

(Sorry for bad lighting and framing but it’s a big painting, 50×65 centimeters and I can’t scan it with my little A4 like the others I put on my blogs and my DeviantArt)

This painting is called ‘Fire Within’ because it represents spontaneity, passion, ardor and love. I used warm colors that remind of fire since this elemnt inspired me a lot.

For this painting I only used magenta and yellow paint that I mixed together to create various shades of those colors (no black and no white neither). Then I scratched the fresh paint with the other side of my brsuh so I can give it more relief and make it come alive ! =D


Right detail


Center detail


Left detail

Also, I’m a little bit late for the ‘Rock Chicks’ project because my drawing had progressed but I didn’t like the result (poor Taylor! She looked like a drag queen ! ūüė¶ ), so I start it all over again when I have time because I’m really busy these days.

See you soon for new drawings and new articles (that are coming soon because I have tons of ideas), so stay connected !

Pixie Stardust McQueen =)

Pink-Haired Girl + Taylor Momsen!

Hey Guys! =D

Pink-haired girl

This drawing wasn’t supposed to be on the blog but I really enjoy it and I had so much fun with the hair especially! ūüėČ

So I wanted to tell you about my new project coming up: ‘Rock Chicks’! As a huge rock fan thinking there are not enough women in the rock genre I wanted to pay a tribute to all those singers/musicians I love! This will be a series of portraits of famous female rockers. I’m gonna start with Taylor Momsen, leader of The Pretty Reckless (and former Jenny Humphrey from Gossip Girl). So I wanted to show you some sketches of her face I started to draw and the real portrait should come as soon as possible!

*Rock *Black *Smokey Eyes *Leather *Studs *Messy hair *Platinum Blonde

*Smokey Eyes
*Messy hair
*Platinum Blonde

Pixie Stardust McQueen =)