Hey everyone, Pixie McQueen here, the boldest fairy of the Internet ! 🙂

So, first, happy nex year and I wish you the best ! Apparently you can wish people a happy new year until mid february, so whatever ! haha

Today I wanted to talk about one of my favorite fashion designers ever: the one and only Alexander McQueen !He was a provocative, in-your-face genius that dressed the biggest stars such as Lady Gaga, Céline Dion, Bjork, Nicki Minaj or Beyoncé ! Plus, his brand is well-known as a couture reference worldwide.


Lady Gaga dressed in McQueen at the 2010’s VMA. She wears the armadillo shoes, that are pretty, but also extremely incomfortable due to its shape but also those 9 inches heels !

His death anniversary is in less than a month, February the 11th and I would like to pay a tribute to this talented designer that inspired my name. 🙂

1/ A young man that went from rags to riches


Young Lee Alexander McQueen 🙂

Lee Alexander McQueen, before his became one of the best designers of his generation, was a young man that dropped out of school when he was 16. We could think that he was a failure, but not at all ! He left school to go where he was the best: fashion. So, he became an apprentice at Anderson & Shepard, Prince Charles’ tailor, then at Gieves & Hawkes who are masters of tailoring. All of that allowed him to work for very well-known brands such as Givenchy. That goes to show that despite his humble beginings, I went wher he was supposed to be.

We can learn 2 things from that:

  • It’s not always a bad thing to drop out of school/quit your job if it doesn’t match what you like, success may be somewhere else ! 😉 Follow your dreams !
  • It’s important to learn your job. Being a fashion designer isn’t all about glitz and glam ! McQueen was specialized in fashion and was taught by the best to become extremely competent, particularly chen it comes the technical aspect of tailoring.

2/ He was not afraid of being authentic and to say it like he meant it


Exactly !

If we know Alexander McQueen very well it’s also because of his big mouth haha ! Indeed he was not afraid to say what he had to say even about the most respected designers. When he worked for Prince Charles’ tailor, he was said to have embroided “I’m a cunt” on Prince Charles’ suit. Also, he became very contreversial when he said that Hubert de Givenchy was “irrelevant”. I disagree with that but I love this boldness because no one can make him shut up.

However, he avoided journalists all the time, because he didn’t like to talk to them. He couldn’t be forced to talk neither. In a nutshell, he was a very strong man that could not be tamed.

3/ A very talented designer

Of course, his talent is what made him famous, because no one could compete with him. His provocative and dramatic creations won’t be forgotten ! “The hooligan of English fashion” knew how to push boundaries very creatively, making what we call ‘the plumber’s smile’ in French (when your pants are to low and we can see your butt crack :D) glamourous.


McQueen’s bumster

My favorite McQueen fashion show is the Spring 2005 one, presented as giant chess game. My favorite outfit is the knight one worn by Erin Wasson.


I really love the ponytail (no pun intended) associated with the ‘riding cap’, as well as how the best is done.

Anyway, I could go on and on, but I think that’s a wrap for today !

Check (that) mate !

Pixie McQueen 🙂


Hey everyone! 🙂

I think that when you are someone that wants to make it in the fashion industry or any other artistic industry (music, cinema,etc…) you’re a bit of a masochist ! Speaking of that, I am a part of these people !

I was thinking about that because while I’m looking for an internship in fashion, I become more and more aware of this tough reality !

Indeed, this industry is so competitive that you need a lot of determination and hard work. Particularly when you learn on your own and when you start your carreer like me !

Also, you always face this same ol’ dilemma : heart or reason ? Should you follow your passion or choose a safer career ? And people that tell you to follow your dream while others are scared of you possibly failing don’t help you make up your mind.

And all of these questions: “Do you have what it takes ?” “Are you talented enough ?” “Why would they notice YOU ?” All of these questions don’t have a single, specific answer since the answers can be so subjectives !

This kind of industry has a tough reputation: “You need connections/a name/a lot of money/a pretty face/to sleep around to make it”, “there are so many people that want to make it big and that do the same as you, how can you make a difference ?”

Hell yeah, I can say that when I saw Shera Kerienski’s  video about how she wanted to become a fashion designer but she first lost herself along the way because of people’s expectations, I definetly identified ! For those who don’t know who she is, she is a super cool French fashion/lifestyle youtuber that got popular thanks to her videos about curly hair tips. It felt as if she was telling my story except that my dream didn’t come true…yet !

It starts coming to life thanks to this blog ! I haven’t been able to show my fashion creations online yet, but I’m still learning and I’ll do it when I am ready !

In a nutshell, I don’t want to complain, actually because every hardship that has been overcame is a step closer to success. I’ve always done it and I’ll always do what I like: sewing, drawing, creating whether professionally or as an amateur, after my day job !

I hope that this article will encourage anyone that has a dream and wants to fulfill it, no matter what !


Handbags and Stilettos !

Pixie McQueen 🙂