Hey everyone ! Pixie McQueen, here, the boldest fairy of the Internet ! =P

Lately, I’ve been realizing in my daily life that we’re judged on our looks so much for pretty much every single reason possible ! I know what you’re gonna say: “thanks, I already knew it, Captain Obvious! What a ratchet intro ! ”

Surprised retro woman. Beauty vintage excited girl over white

No, for real what I mean is that I can get it when you have no clue about who the person you have in front of you is. It’s human to judge a person when you don’t know her because it’s HELLA scary when you don’t know anything about him/her, he/she could be a psychopath or something, you know. But I think there’s a huge difference between judging very quickly and then let go of all those judgements as you get to know the person and COMPLETELY rejecting you because you don’t fit in the beauty standards !

All of this pisses me off because if it’s an influent person (like a somewhat narrow-minded employer, a teacher that doesn’t want you to have your chance, whatever) you can miss huge opportunities ! And no, it’s not just about young, mean kids that can be mean, mocking kids ! And no, teens in middle/high school aren’t the worst, contrary to what is shown in movies like ‘Mean Girls’, because at least Regina George is fictional ! No, everything keeps going with adults, too !

Le Diable sous ses plus jolis traits... Enfin, sans compter Meryl Streep, bien sûr ! ;)

The Devil in its most beautiful form… Meryl Streep aside, of course ! 😉

What do I mean ? With adults it’s worse because it’s even sneakier. Yes, maybe they’ll laugh at you directly less often but you could be ignored because you’re not what everybody wants you to be ! You could be the most beautiful person inside, if they  think you’re not beautiful outside, you won’t be accepted !

A lot of people say: ‘What can you do? That’s the way it goes !’ HELL TO THE NO ! Why couldn’t we change that ?

However, I think we live in a very interesting era where things change, we can see more and more colorful hair colors on people that don’t have eccentric styles (punks, emo, goths…), models with Down Syndrome, dwarf actors… But, for the moment these people remain exceptions. They could be precursors if we could be bold enough to be who we are too !

Harnaam Kaur, la femme à barbe

Harnaam Kaur, the bearded woman

I’m not saying we should have a violent revolution but I just wanna say that we’re not made to fit in the mold ! Why would we all be born with different caracteristics and DNAs if it was meant to be that way ?

Lizzie Velasquez, la

Lizzie Velasquez, ‘the ugliest woman in the world’, according to some people

Moreover, we can see that beauty is generally very hard to achieve because the caracteristics or the combination of them that is valued is rare. For example, the current ‘badonkadonk’ trend à la Nicki Minaj or Kim Kardashian (large breasts, thin waist, juicy derrière) is hardly achievable naturally. So, how can we make people fit in those beauty standards when it’s rarely even possible ?


Beauty standards in the world since Antiquity

Actually, I think beauty is not a probleme, there’s nothing wrong with knowing how to appreciate it (without sexually harassing pretty ladies, you guys ! =P) Beauty, whether it’s found in an object, an animal, a poem or a human being, is not superficial itself. I wanted to clear that up because people that are considered as beautiful seem to be considered as superficial way too often, while it’s they’re not always that way !

According to dictionary.com, beauty has several definitions but only the first one drawss my attention for this article, we can break it down in two parts :

  • “he quality present in a thing or person that gives intense pleasure ordeep satisfaction to the mind, whether arising from sensory manifestations (as shape, color, sound, etc.)” : PHYSICAL BEAUTY
  • “a meaningful design orpattern, or something else” (as a personality in which high spiritual qualities are manifest).: SPIRITUAL/EMOTIONAL BEAUTY

And I think that’s the confusion we make between those two definitions that mess it all up ! The problem is that the word ‘beauty’ refers to two things that are completely different and don’t always go hand and hand with each other : the match to aestethic criteria and the admiration caused by a moral or intellectual quality/act. Basically, we always unconsciously associate them. Like Jenna Marbles says in her video ‘What Disney Movies Taught Me’ (at 4:15), since we’re young, with cartoons like the ones from Disney, we’ve learnt unconsciously that people that are not ‘beautiful’ (young, skinny,etc…) are mean because villains tend to correspond to this description.

Well, I could continue forever, there is so much to say but I think it’ll be enough for today ! The next article will be funnier, I promise !

Care Bears & Fluff Balls !

Pixie McQueen xx


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