New painting ‘Fire Within’ & Taylor Momsen’s ‘Rock Chicks’

Hey Internet, Pixie Stardust McQueen, the boldest fairy of the web, here !

I actually painted this painting last weekend but, unfortunatly, I couldn’t upload it because of a lack of time. 😦 But I wanted to post it sooner or later (well, this time it’s gonna be later =X) because I’m so proud of it: it’s a birthday gift I I’ve made especially for a person that’s really important for me ❤

Fire Within

(Sorry for bad lighting and framing but it’s a big painting, 50×65 centimeters and I can’t scan it with my little A4 like the others I put on my blogs and my DeviantArt)

This painting is called ‘Fire Within’ because it represents spontaneity, passion, ardor and love. I used warm colors that remind of fire since this elemnt inspired me a lot.

For this painting I only used magenta and yellow paint that I mixed together to create various shades of those colors (no black and no white neither). Then I scratched the fresh paint with the other side of my brsuh so I can give it more relief and make it come alive ! =D


Right detail


Center detail


Left detail

Also, I’m a little bit late for the ‘Rock Chicks’ project because my drawing had progressed but I didn’t like the result (poor Taylor! She looked like a drag queen ! 😦 ), so I start it all over again when I have time because I’m really busy these days.

See you soon for new drawings and new articles (that are coming soon because I have tons of ideas), so stay connected !

Pixie Stardust McQueen =)


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