Pink-Haired Girl + Taylor Momsen!

Hey Guys! =D

Pink-haired girl

This drawing wasn’t supposed to be on the blog but I really enjoy it and I had so much fun with the hair especially! 😉

So I wanted to tell you about my new project coming up: ‘Rock Chicks’! As a huge rock fan thinking there are not enough women in the rock genre I wanted to pay a tribute to all those singers/musicians I love! This will be a series of portraits of famous female rockers. I’m gonna start with Taylor Momsen, leader of The Pretty Reckless (and former Jenny Humphrey from Gossip Girl). So I wanted to show you some sketches of her face I started to draw and the real portrait should come as soon as possible!

*Rock *Black *Smokey Eyes *Leather *Studs *Messy hair *Platinum Blonde

*Smokey Eyes
*Messy hair
*Platinum Blonde

Pixie Stardust McQueen =)






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